Medieval Fantasy Tower of OrgCraft Campaign

Tower of OrgCraft Campaign

Training & Gaming Leadership Development

Futuristic Exergia and Entropia Campaign

Exergia & Entropia Campaign

Learning & Gaming Organization Transformation

Role Playing Reality

RolePlaying Reality

RPR uses a multiplayer pen and paper fantasy RPG methodology. It represents a new era of human and organizational development. RPR campaigns and quests pwn every classic approach to TL&D.


Because of how they make people feel. RPR is exciting, engaging, and empowering. It inspires and motivates. It builds innovation and imagination. It contains meaning and passion and grows charisma, wisdom, and intelligence.

In RPR nobody procrastinates, gives excuses, has self-doubts, carries resentment or runs away from a challenge. Nobody is underappreciated, offended, bored, mentally disengaged, distracted or passive.

RolePlayingReality is unique in its equal emphasis on learning&development as on stories&gaming. Therefore, your people will lack no ownership over their heroic missions.

Tower of OrgCraft Campaign

In the mystical world of Trinithas, the Tower of OrgCraft awaits seven classes of heroes with its quests and trials specifically designed for intensive personal competencies development and mutual collaboration.

Many monsters prey upon players while they are casting spells in self-regulation and resilience, expanding their abilities in coping mechanisms and cognitive strategies and gaining XP in optimism, goal-setting and problem-solving.

Not all magic is in chants and spells. Some is hidden in the game’s engine and its’ scientifically proven models like 16PF, TCI, and JD-R. Every company, every CEO, and every HR&OD team have one major strategic objective to achieve. To form and cultivate a competent fellowship of ambidextrous leaders.
Let the quests begin!

Exergia & Entropia Campaign

On the planet not so far, in a society yet to be built, two powers clash and battle over advanced and forward-thinking community.

The quests of E&E will guide you to navigate the continuum of the organizational duality.

Between present journey and future destination. Between today’s priorities and tomorrow’s necessities. Between values on the walls and the ones exhibited when nobody is looking. Between the culture now and the one that will cross the transformation gap. Between doing a job and having a purpose. Between managerial pragmatism and idealistic humanism. Between repetitive operational excellence and ingenious unthinkable vision. Between anxiety and worry and achievement and joy. Between acceptability and awesomeness.
Let the quests begin!

Our Holy Quest

We believe that every person has the right to self-growth, self-awareness, and self-discovery. To have a dream and pursue it. To fail, hit a wall, and fall on their face. To feel safe and successful. A right to be happy and a right to true mastery. To establish and enjoy deep and friendly social connections. To create value for others and be recognized for it.

A right to grow and to develop. Skills, attitudes and behaviors. A right to be happy and a right to true self-mastery. Every change comes from within. Imagine doing meaningful, creative, and fun work. Imagine helping people and organizations and feeling passionate about it. We are creating the most enabling, stimulating, involving, absorbing, thrilling, energizing, exciting, and transformative training and learning experience possible.
It is time to play now.

Image of a mighty sorcerer akin to that of orgmasters


We are your OrgMasters. We construct campaigns and devise quests. We analyze your needs and map your target conditions. We facilitate your transformations and assist you in your pursuit of the future.

We are Matej Sakoman, M.Sc. in Psychology, an organizational psychologist and Fran Mikulicic, MBA, an organizational designer.

Together, we have 30 years of expertise and experience in HRM responsibilities, coaching, business mentoring, leadership development programs, seminars and workshops. We are proficient in various psychological and organizational assessments and diagnostic frameworks.

Matej Sakoman

Matej Sakoman

organizational psychologist

Fran Mikulicic

Fran Mikulicic

organizational designer

We have fought and won over 300 individual, team, and organizational monsters and will train you to do the same.
We have encountered demons, fiends, and evils that hide in the dark corners of your companies.


Yes, it will. RPR takes heroes and their abilities from our virtual reality and makes them come alive in our everyday life. The standard approach in H&OD delivers mediocre results. Trainings and workshops are isolated from the system they are supposed to improve. What happens there, stays there and it doesn’t get integrated into the person and transferred into business and private life. Participants don’t assume ownership and their continuous growth is not achieved. It doesn’t stick. Let’s face it. It is boring. No spark. Plain, uninspiring, dreary. Form over substance. And the secret key of leveling it up is hidden in our emotions. Start from there and cognitive processes will follow.

No, it is not. It’s for l33t only. Well, it is not complicated to play. We will guide you every step of the way. Your success is our goal as your OrgMasters. However, when you play, you will stay in your character the whole time. You will discipline your mind, utilize your creativity, and form designated habits. You will play with your party or fellowship and one spiritless member can jeopardize the whole campaign. In addition, we have designed it to be challenging, demanding, and tough, as human and organizational development is. It is gaming, but it is also training and L&D. As one ‘beta tester’ said: ”How will you envision the future of your company if you can’t envision the present of your E&E campaign?!”

We hold both the lore and the stories sacred as well as characters arcs. RPR is not a treasure hunt training with metaphorical masks put on the everyday problems. We don’t pretend to game. RPR is meant for gamers who appreciate great stories and world building and people who will immerse themselves in the quests. No Snokes or plot holes. Most of the inspiration comes from 500 pages long SF novel written by OrgMaster Matej. Still not published though.

In our personal development, it is not so much that we don’t know what we should do as it is that we simply don’t do it. And even if we do it, we rarely condition it to become a habit. In leadership development, “these days, reality is a bummer. Everyone is looking for a way to escape.” Two ‘realities’ limit the person’s growth. The ‘reality’ of the environment in the organization and its culture and the ‘reality’ of what one perceives as achievable and realistic. While conquering the Tower, players shape their own reality and are training through gaming to make it stick. Many levels represented by stores, many areas representing life challenges and learning opportunities, and hundreds of monsters attacking our players and preventing them to become the best they can be.

The E&E campaign contains more variations in its quests. Although some solutions in OD are widely applicable, the bespoke quests will enable the party to finish this campaign. The key difference in the design of the campaign is whether you want to improve your company starting from ‘as is’ in the now or you choose to foresee the future, envision your company in it, and then start connecting dots. In either case, you are building something remarkable. Understanding how to unlock human potential to raise organization optimism, satisfy the need for togetherness and belonging. Become great at seeing the hidden and invisible. Organization happiness and emotional pollution. Create a shared vision, fuel it with trust and commitment and roll a dice. The future belongs to you if you take the risk.

We are probably much crazier than we appear. Well, scientifically lucid and progressive cause we know exactly what we are doing. And, life is too short to be doing the same things on the same lame way. We are top level wizards. Not bragging, just stating claim. We campaigned from the trenches and gutters to the palaces and boardrooms. And back. Solving real, everyday issues, problems, and tensions. Always looking for what works better. Going deeper, asking more questions, doing more research, testing, and measuring. Matej has two daughters, plays tennis and basketball, loves SPSS and is waiting for Baldur’s Gate III. And writing his novel. Fran has three kids, Rotarian and NLP trainer, read 55 books during covid-19 April reading challenge. Some went to his head, most around his middle.

Yes, by all means. We are preparing two licensing options. For the companies and their in-house use and for training&coaching organizations to deliver it to the third parties. Different quests will be available for licensing and OrgMasters Academy awaits its attendees. Please, feel free to contact us.

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